Robust Enterprise Application Platform

Create your mobile or web application in hours and extremely cost-efficient

With DataJini Enterprise Application Platform you create enterprise class web and mobile solutions with minimal IT dependencies. This is achieved by automating the majority of errorprone development and maintenance work. DataJini really closes the gap between business and IT, saving time and money and delivers constant high quality and true business agility.

Short time to market

The DataJini Enterprise Application Platform greatly eliminates the need for error prone human software developers and operational staff. By simply defining how your application needs to work, DataJini will automatically build your application. Reducing application development time with more than 75% is normal with DataJini. Now your business agility is no longer held back by your IT department.


Because DataJini automatically builds your applications, minimizing the need for developers, upfront investments for your application are reduced to very small amounts. Next to this low CAPEX, the DataJini platform greatly optimizes your current IT infrastructure which results in getting more performance with less. Paired with lower costs of the reduced for maintenance staff, this will drive down your OPEX in some cases with more than 50%.

Constant high quality of your information system

Eliminating error prone software developers ensures a constant high quality of your information system. The great majority of your application creation is done automatically by the DataJini platform. No bugs or incompatibilities due to human errors.


Applications created with DataJini are secure. All transactions in DataJini are audited, unauthorized transactions are blocked and logged. Applications delivered by the DataJini Enterprise Application Platform are based on the security standards of OWASP.

Rich responsive User Interface

The DataJini Enterprise Application Platform creates rich and responsive User Interfaces. Clever caching mechanisms reduce bandwidth usage and load times, resulting in a better user experience.

Closes the Gap Business vs IT

With the DataJini Enterprise Application Platform the Business is in charge again of application functionality. Because the  DataJini platforrm automatically creates the application for you there is no dependency on IT guru’s anymore. Furthermore, the DataJini platform covers all parts of your application, eliminating (mis)communication between Business and IT and IT internally.

Solutions for your Industry

The DataJini Enterprise Application Platform can be used for every business segment. Regardless you are in the banking industry, you have a production company or a transport organization or are in any other industry. The domain knowledge is in your Business Information Model. By importing this information, the DataJini Enterprise Application Platform creates your application immediately. Because of this principle the DataJini Enterprise Application Platform can easily implement changes in your business requirements in a new application.

Based on Oracle Technology

The DataJini Enterprise Application Platform is based on proven Oracle technology. Our platform is extremely well suited to extend the life cycle of your Oracle legacy applications like Oracle Forms. Running these applications on the DataJini platform will make it possible to maintain these applications even if Oracle Forms are no longer supported. Creating modern customer facing applications for these BackOffice applications suddenly becomes a piece of cake. Both web based interfaces as well as mobile interfaces(Apple iOS and Google Android).





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